Thoughts on Semi-Modular vs. Eurorack - Part 1

Thoughts on Semi-Modular Synths vs. Eurorack - Part 1

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Even the best semi modular synths don´t reach the price of the equivalent Eurorack modules. Top semi modular synths like the Korg ARP 2600 cost a fraction and need less space and technical effort than their full modular brothers. And the structured front panels of semi modular synthesizers are regularly more workflow friendly than having to use a couple of patch cables before you even hear a sound at all.

Thoughts on Generative Music - Part 1

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When you read a guide to generative music you quickly understand: producing generative music is always a bit like walking the line between perfect chaos and all too clearly structured musical progressions.

And that is where a generative sequencer VST can step in and give us a helping hand to find this small path between brilliancy and razzle-dazzle.

Music Machines DIY From Zero to Hero

Hereby I announce the start of a new series: Music and Sound Machines DIY From Zero to Hero.
Making sound generating and sound tweaking hardware with inexpensive and basic parts and using them to do real practical and professional sound design, and to produce music. Making sound installations, sonic art, and pushing the borders of working with sound far far ahead. But I need your help!
Enjoy your day!

Rolf´s Infotalk 2: Gustavo Valetto - Solcito Musica Part 1

Gustavo Valletto This series of talks with successful and interesting people (musicians, producers, composers, manufacturers, sound designers,   promoters, music marketers) has the motto “Learning about and learning from”. Today Rolf´s guest is the Argentinian musician,   instrument builder and VSTi coder Gustavo Valletto. He is the man behind

 Solcito Música.