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I´m very proud and happy to present the first 5 Partners in our little network of partners of my books and courses.

Get discounts of e.g. 50% on albums, get hardware modules at reduced prices, and services especially created for you.

The principle of our partnership is simple and efficient:

The Cradles of Electronic Music - Part 1

Pioneering spirit, unbridled curiosity, radicalism in artistic thinking, dissatisfaction with the status quo and the rejection of any boundaries shaped the climate into which electronic music was born. Artists and technicians, musicians and physicists were the parents who brought new music to the world in the 1950s - electronic music. Some of them called their works timbre music, others still stuck to terms like atonal music for a while, not having found a more adequate term yet.

Semi-Modular ultra-quickies #1

Here´s the patch I promised in my Video (

Patch oscillator 2 out to VCF in / Patch VCF out to VCA in / Patch LFO bipolar out to Attenuator 1 in / Patch Attenuator 1 out to oscillator 2 frequency modulation 1 / patch envelope 2 out to Attenuator 1 CV in / adjust the parameters as written in the description below, and take the sound from the OUT jack in the patchbay.


OSC 2 triangle wave

VCF frequency 3 o´clock position

VCF Resonance zero