Two New Books In 2024

I´m going to publish two new books again this year. The first one is about modular synthesis, about making generative music with modular synthesizers – with Cherry Audio´s Voltage Modular. You might think “Ohh, it´s a Voltage Modular version of your e-book trilogy about generative music!”

But you are wrong! It´s something completely new.

“Voltage Modular Partial Oscillator – a Universe Of Sound”

In this video I´m going to patch a complete simulation of one of Yamaha´s 4

operator DX synthesizers, I´m going to demonstrate all functions of the Partial Oscillator module – and show and explain it´s musical meaning.

This video is about creative and artful sound design and creative and artful ways of producing MUSIC.

And these are the main topics:


linear frequency modulation

through zero frequency modulation

exponential frequency modulation

Yamaha DX7 and DX27

FM operator

FM algorithm

“The Passenger Oscillator Mystery – Voltage Modular”

My new video “The Passenger Oscillator Mystery – Voltage Modular” is online now:

I dive deep into the functionality of Playertron´s “arcane” Oscillator module, and show a couple of (not only) spooky sound demos. See the content list for details.

voltage modular playertron passenger oscillator

Timeline / Content:

00:00 Intro

02:16 Tuning, FM and Frequency Ranges

The Triumph Of a Misconception

My huge Voltage Modular Series has started, and the first video is on line now.

“The Triumph Of a Misconception” talks a bit about the legendary Roland TB-303, demonstrates and explains even the smallest details of the Voltage Modular “303 Bass Synth” module, introduces even two more Voltage Modular bass modules, which are inspired by Roland´s TB-303, and recreates three original vintage bass tracks, 2 from the 1980s and one from the 1990s

Quick & Easy - Modular Synth Patch Snippets Part 2


In this series of posts and articles I´m exclusively using rather basic modules to fulfil certain tasks, and I always try to leave the patches as less complex as possible.


Today´s tasks is: creating a simple macro controller

(this is really a simple one, but some of you might not have thought of it nevertheless)

Sometimes you don´t have enough hands to dial all knobs in your patch that you would need to in a live situation (or when recording in the studio without having automation on).