VCV Rack ultra-quickies #9

As I promised on Social Media, here are the details of the patch:

Take the FM-OP and feed its audio out through a Spring Reverb module in the main Audio out.


The Feedback offset of the FM-OP is set to 15.904%

The offset of the Spring Reverb is adjusted to 39.8%


Add an LFO – Sample and Hold group and modulate the FM OP´s feedback.


The LFO is running at 3 Hz.

The probability of S&H is at 91.04%


Fun with Field Recording and Sound Design part 4 is online

I´m building a voice recording cabinet, I´m surprising customers in a Vietnamese shop, and I´m consuming legions of kitchen sponges. And even some first tests of the cabinet are not missing in the video.



00:00 Intro

00:27 The Whole Story and DIY

01:16 Some Words About the Material

01:48 The Vietnamese Shop Helped Me Out

03:20 The Building Process in Short

04:12 Testing the Cabinet


Enjoy your day!