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Tin box recordings

This new series of small articles and short videos sets out to discover how the world would sound if we observed it from the inside of large tin box.

tin box recording

I´m going to record a variety of environments with the recording equipment placed in a tin box. There are 2 different piezo elements (contact microphones) as well as two dynamic microphones placed in the closed tin box.


Then I´m going to find out what these recordings are good for, if and how they are useful in real sound design projects and/or in music production.

I´m going to analyse the differences between the piezo recordings and the dynamic microphones as well as in what the sounds of the two different piezo sizes differ from each other, I´m going to layer the recordings, extract parts and use even granular techniques.


But at first I´m going to visit interesting places, record the local sounds from inside the tin box and show you my adventures and their results.


The first video introduces the project and helps finding out how “in general” the tin box influences the sound from the outside world.

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