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Make Generative Music That Really Matters

generative music

New online course! Bring your skills to a new level!

Make generative music that really matters.

Get rid of stereotypes and make your productions stand out.

You will never look at generative music the same way again.

generative music

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* How do you make your music stand out?

(from Rolf´s interview with Daniel J. Cramer:)

* What is the best workflow to make great generative music?
* How can you make impressive and even complex music with modular synths without spending a lot of money?
* How to take advantage of the author's decades of experience?

(from Rolf´s interview with Suzanne Ciani:)


* You don´t need a wall full of modules

(but if you have one use them efficiently and creative)

* You don´t even need hardware at all

(but if you own a modular hardware system use it intelligently

The course is compatible with all modular hardware and software systems incl. free ones like VCV Rack.


... and that´s in the course:
topic 1: The Generative Music Mindset
topic 2: How To (Not) Implement Randomness 
topic 3: Choosing the Right Modulation Target
topic 4: The Role Of Structure
topic 5: Blocks And Hierarchies
topic 6: Envelopes And Synchronisation
topic 7: Random But Not Independent
topic 8: Generative Polyphony

... and here you can watch the first lesson FOR FREE:

Musicians say, they haven´t invested money better for a quite long time!




Belmo796 Sa., 06.04.2024 - 14:22

Do we have access to this course if we have the monthly membership? Please let us know and thank you!

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