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The Rules And Principles Of My Affiliate Program

How much are you going to earn?



You´ll get 40% of all book sales and all sounds&project sales that come in with your affiliate code. These 40% are taken from the regular prices shown in the book shop or sales&project pages or in the “Offer of the Month” Block of my website.

Videos are not included in this affiliate program.


Some Examples:

Someone buys the e-book “A Systematic Introduction To Making Generative Music With Modular Synths” Volume 1. The regular price is 24.50$. Then you get 9,80$ from me.


Let´s say there´s a sales action going on in the “Offer of the Month” block, containing the same e-book as before (regular 24.50$) plus the sample pack “Mystery Series – Volume I” (regular 14.50$) plus the video “ARP 2500 Part 5” (regular 12.50$). This bundle is offered for 39.00$ instead of 51.50$ (sum of the regular prices). That´s only 76%. If someone buys this bundle using you affiliate code you will earn 40% of 76% of the book price (24.50$ x 75% x 40% = 7.35$) plus 40% of 75% of the sample pack price (14.50$ x 40% x 75% = 4.35$), all in all 11.70$.

How can you offer my products at a reduced price?


You are entitled – and encouraged - to offer the products of this affiliate program at reduced prices to motivate your contacts or customers to make a purchase. To do so you are entitled to use your 40% of the above mentioned prices. The price reduction which you offer to your contacts or customers will be deducted from your 40%.


An example:

Someone buys the book “A Systematic Introduction To Making Generative Music With Modular Synths” Volume 1. The regular price is 24.50$, but you have offered a price reduction of 20% when buying the book using your affiliate code. Your earnings are then 24.50$ x 40% 9.80$ minus 24.50$ x 20% (4.90$) = 4.90$.

Important: All money transfers are exclusively and only executed via PayPal!


How does it work?


Well, that´s simple. Just write me an email to rofilm@seznam.cz telling me that you want become an affiliate (you can cancel it at any time just by another simple email).

You´ll get an affiliate code then, which you tell your contact or customer to use with their purchase. They simply pay the reduced price, which you have offered, and write your affiliate code in the PayPal comment.

As soon as I see the payment in my account I´ll transfer your share to your PayPal account – no waiting for a month or anything like that.

If someone already is a customer of mine (“old customers”) before they place their first order using your affiliate code, they already are entitled to pay remarkably reduced prices. Therefore your share will be only 10% of the paid price.


On the other hand, if someone who buys any of my products using your affiliate code, and hasn´t been a customer of mine before, will buy further products of mine without using your affiliate code in the future, these future purchases count for you, even if you haven´t been told about them by your customer/contact. You´ll get your 40% share – resp. the amount counted according to the aforementioned principles.

If you bring someone to me, who isn´t already a customer of mine, they will be “your” contact until the final collapse of the universe.


In the very rare – but unfortunately and theoretically possible – case that a buyer uses more than only one affiliate code (yours and that of another affiliate) only the first mentioned code is valid. It´s not possible to accumulate affiliate codes neither to accumulated offered price reductions.


A last note:

signing in to my affiliate program and getting your affiliate code doesn´t oblige you to do anything!


How will I help you, and what are you not allowed to do?


After receiving you email telling me that you want to take part in my affiliate program you get your affiliate code via email as mentioned above. Additionally you´ll get download links to a couple of material (graphics, pictures, text, product samples etc.), which you can use in your social media or other activities. You can use these things, but you must not change them in any way (you are- of course – not obliged to use them at all). When you want to use your own “marketing” material concerning my products, please respect, that you can write your own opinion about my products, but you are not allowed to make statements, which are not covered by the truth and not covered by the content of the above mentioned downloadable material. Neither are you allowed to make promises and offers, which are not agreed upon between you and me (agreements only via email).


Let´s have a respectful, fruitful and fair long lasting cooperation!


Enjoy your day!

Cheers and peace!

Rolf Kasten


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