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book partners

I´very proud to introduce the following partners of my e-books and courses. Each of the artists, agencies and companies on the following (growing) list has special offers for everybody, who buys one of my books in the book shop on this site (https://www.dev.rofilm-media.net/bookshop-list).

With each e-book that you buy I´ll send you a discount code enabling you to get the offered advantage. I say “Thank you very much indeed” to each of the following members of this network.

And here they are (without any special order):


Andrew Macaulay

Andrew Macaulay is a musician, a composer and producer as well as a developer of modules for Cherry Audio s Voltage Modular software synth. His music explores synthesis, sequencing and melody, often with contrasting and complementary soundscapes and rhythms, reflecting and being influenced by the Berlin School movement of electronic music, ambient and electronica.

Andrew offers a discount of 50% on his music releases for every buyer of my books.



Daniel J. Cramer

J Daniel Cramer is a jazz musician and performer working in western Canada and has been active as an electronic musician for many years. a well known artist in the Eurorack Modular music making scene, J Daniel Cramer is best recognized for his work on large scale, complex patches that delve into polyphonic renderings of Barton’s ubiquitous Krell and multilayered generative patches that can take months to design and hours to unfold. Daniel offers a discount of 50% on his album releases to every buyer of my e-books.



Music Producers Alliance

The New York based Music Producers Alliance online community and professional development platform provides learning resources, networking and mentoring to emerging producers and composers. Every buyer of my e-books gets a discount on their coaching programs equal to the full price of the bought books.




Composer of electronic ambient and Berlin school music, piano and music theory tutor with Bachelor of music from Moravian University of PA, USA. He offers a discount of 50% on his album releases to every buyer of my e-books.



Uryan Modular

Eurorack Cases, Eurorack Modules, Travel Cases, 19" Rack, Eurorack Accessories and more.

As a buyer of any of my e-books you get 7% off all prices in the online shop of Uryan Modular





Users of VCV Rack as well as users of Voltage Modular know the high quality modules of VULT, which are also available as hardware. Dr. Leonardo Laguna Ruiz, the “father of Vult” offers a discount of 10,- $ on Vult´s hardware modules (completed) to every buyer of my e-books.



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