Semi-Modular ultra-quickies #1

Here´s the patch I promised in my Video (

Patch oscillator 2 out to VCF in / Patch VCF out to VCA in / Patch LFO bipolar out to Attenuator 1 in / Patch Attenuator 1 out to oscillator 2 frequency modulation 1 / patch envelope 2 out to Attenuator 1 CV in / adjust the parameters as written in the description below, and take the sound from the OUT jack in the patchbay.


OSC 2 triangle wave

VCF frequency 3 o´clock position

VCF Resonance zero

Do we need a new approach to music?

This is the place where I summarize the discussion, which is spread across all of my social media channels. Let me – already now – say “thank you” to all, who have contributed and are still contributing. And here are all of the postings, opinions and thoughts so far:

Rolf´s Question:

Do we need a completely new kind of music?

“Do we need a new and completely different way of understanding music, of looking at music, of listening to music and to making/producing music again?”

CARDINAL – Is it really like VCV Rack as a free VST? Part 1

For reasons of practicability (when producing music) it is better to use a DAW environment sometimes (and sometimes it is not, of course). And the VCV Rack version, which works inside of a DAW is not a free one – you have to pay for it. And even if the price is definitely appropriate – it is still a price, still money. There will be some of you, who cannot afford these about 200.- Dollars (September 2022). CARDINAL is free – no money needed. So, how to work with CARDINAL? What are the differences to VCV Rack? When should we use CARDINAL, and when VCV Rack?