Surge XT Complete Part 1: Overview and Global Functions

Surge XT I show the general structure of the synth: oscillators, scenes, FX, modulators, Global functions with MPE, scales, micro   tuning, Wavetables, patch categories and patch browser etc.

 There are going to be 6 more videos in this series:

 Part 2: The oscillators, their parameter-sets and wave presets

 Part 3: The scenes and their parameters

"Morning Haze" by Angry Alice

It´s a full-fledged piece of sound-art now!

The track "Morning Haze" is inspired by the text "Morning Haze" by Rolf Kasten. This text was firstly published on the Internet in the 5th Video (non-public, donationware or members only) of the series about the ARP 2500 (formerly only about the Behringer clones, now extended to the G2500, to Voltage Modular´s version and to Mos-Labs products), where it serves as a textural demonstration of some functions of the Multimode Filter Module 1047.

The ARP 2500 Show featuring the Multifilter Module 1047

It´s the longest and the most complex video I´ve ever made.

I have divided it into 5 parts, so that you can watch them on Dropbox without the need to download the whole project.

Only parts A and D are a bit longer than 1 hour (the longest time Dropbox allows us to watch online). You will lose the last 5 minutes of Part A and about 3 seconds of Part D, if you don´t want to download them (but you can download them of course).

Making this video was a challenge. It´s part 5 in my series about the ARP 2500, and it´s about the Multimode Filter / Resonator module 1047.

ARP 2500 Part 4 The Oscillator Module(s) 1004

ARP 2500 Oscillator Module 1004

Part 4 of my series about the ARP 2500 is finished and ready to watch (for members* only). It´s all and everything about Behringer´s hardware remake of the oscillator module 1004 (-T). Then the video compares the hardware remake with Voltage Modular´s software version, and both with the functionality of the original ARP module from the 1970s. There´s even a short excursion to compare the ARP module with the Roland oscillator module 112. A bit of patching rounds the video up. The public trailer is on YouTube (see link).