How the sound of “Ered Nimrais” is made

First of all, what is Ered Nimrais? Well, it´s a fictive moutain massive mentioned in Tolkien´s trilogy “Lord of the Rings”.

Let me quote the booklet of my last sample library:


“In the south of Middle-Earth there are the mountains of Ered Nimrais, also called the White Mountains. Here we find Helm´s Deep, the Glittering Caves of Aglarond, the Path of the Dead, and at the foot of the mountains the realm of Rohan. From Gondor to Rohan along the peaks of the Mountains men have installed the signal fires to call for help.”

The Cradles of Electronic Music - Part 3

Producing a Piece of Early Electronic Music like in the 1950s

The following steps of the project are all done with the software “Berna 3”. The project itself is part of my new E-book about new and old approaches to producing electronic music. The book will be published in February 2023 (probably). This is  quite long article. If you are kind of impatient, well, then you might like to watch the video first. The link to it is at the end of this article.

The Cradles of Electronic Music - Part 2

… but it all sounds rather “far away in the past”, and quite theoretical. IT IS NOT! And I´m not going to bore you with mere theory. There is a software called “Berna” (most up to date version: “Berna 3”).

Berna is a simulation of these early electronic music studios. It contains equipment from the mentioned studio in Milan as well as from the studio in Cologne. But it is not just the old functionality packed in software, not just a bunch of physical/electronic functions transferred to code.