The Modules of the ARP 2500 – Part 13

The Modules of the ARP 2500 – Part 13

Today´s original ARP 2500 patch is a rather simple one. But it´s interesting because of its legions of oscillators, one of which operates as an LFO. I´m very curious how this mass of VCOs will reproduce the original ARP sound in Voltage Modular. Let´s get going!

There are 10 VCO modules 1004-T working as sound generators. All of them are tuned to the same pitch, and all of them use only the saw wave, but 4 of the VCOs are switched to inverted saw waves.

Another Week of Working On Volume 2

After another week of working on my new ebook - it´s volume 2 of "A Systematic Introduction of Making Generative Music With Modular Synths" - the project has made quite a progress. It has grown to 58 pages, 26 patches and 30 videos. Things are getting in shape! By the way: you might like to visit our new Facebook group at:

And here´s a short video about it:

Enjoy your day!