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VCV Rack ultra-quickies #9

As I promised on Social Media, here are the details of the patch:

Take the FM-OP and feed its audio out through a Spring Reverb module in the main Audio out.


The Feedback offset of the FM-OP is set to 15.904%

The offset of the Spring Reverb is adjusted to 39.8%


Add an LFO – Sample and Hold group and modulate the FM OP´s feedback.


The LFO is running at 3 Hz.

The probability of S&H is at 91.04%


Add a Fluencerator module and patch its 1V/oct output the the 1 V/oct input of the FM-OP oscillator.


The Tonic of the Fluencerator is “D”,

the Mode offset mode is Mixolydian,

the LENGTH offset is 8


the ACCENT is adjusted to 34%

GLIDES is at 34% as well,

REST is set to 1


Let the LFO modulate the GENERATE parameter of the Fluencerator, and the ACCENT output modulate the Reverb´s CV input through a Slew Limiter.


The FALL parameter of the SLEW LIMITER is adjusted to 0.662


Add 3 more LFOs, one modulating the Fluencerator´s LENGTH parameter as well as the first LFO´s RATE, another of the new LFOs shall modulate the MODE parameter of the Fluencerator, and the third of the newly added LFOs modulates the CLOCK.


The RATE of the LFO that modulates the Fluencerators LENGTH and the RATE of the first LFO is adjusted to a very low 0.0076 Hz,

the LFO which modulates the MODE of the FLUENCERATOR runs at 0.017 Hz,

the third additionally added LFO, which modulates the CLOCK of the FLUENCERATOR runs at 6 Hz.


Enjoy your day!


And here is the link to download the preset:


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