CARDINAL – Is it really like VCV Rack as a free VST? Part 1

For reasons of practicability (when producing music) it is better to use a DAW environment sometimes (and sometimes it is not, of course). And the VCV Rack version, which works inside of a DAW is not a free one – you have to pay for it. And even if the price is definitely appropriate – it is still a price, still money. There will be some of you, who cannot afford these about 200.- Dollars (September 2022). CARDINAL is free – no money needed. So, how to work with CARDINAL? What are the differences to VCV Rack? When should we use CARDINAL, and when VCV Rack?

There Are Still Things The World Has Never Seen

Things unseen and unheard before.


Don´t watch if you are rather stupid. Don´t watch if you are faint hearted. Don´t watch if you are an impatient kind of person.

A mysterious book! One book more! An unplanned project!

Are you brave enough to watch this:


00:00 Intro And Last Warning

00:07 Absolutely Nothing New

00:43 Terrible News

01:00 The Riddle – Solve It Or Die

03:45 Impatience – A Nearly Ambient Musical Slide Show

The Modules of the ARP 2500 – Part 13

The Modules of the ARP 2500 – Part 13

Today´s original ARP 2500 patch is a rather simple one. But it´s interesting because of its legions of oscillators, one of which operates as an LFO. I´m very curious how this mass of VCOs will reproduce the original ARP sound in Voltage Modular. Let´s get going!

There are 10 VCO modules 1004-T working as sound generators. All of them are tuned to the same pitch, and all of them use only the saw wave, but 4 of the VCOs are switched to inverted saw waves.