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New Concepts for Music And Sound – Part 7

(Excerpt from my e-book about this topic: https://www.dev.rofilm-media.net/node/537)

What the pioneers of electronic music worked on, emphasised more than before or even discovered, and how to translate this to our situation today:

new concepts for music and sound

Aspect 5:

The return of structure after some decades of pure experimentation

Well, I think putting some (more) structure to what is often called “noise music” (the field where is a lot of interesting experimentation going on right now) will be a fruitful thing to do (and may even increase the audience). More about noise in the next chapter.


Aspect 6:

The wedlock of art and science/technique

The development of music and the development of technical science have always been in tight contact. What we have seen in the past (also in the near past, in rather recent days) is the introduction to science itself. Scientific experiments (quantum physics, genetics and other disciplines) have been applied to the production of sonic phenomena. Here we just have to continue, and – perhaps even more important - to widen the spectrum of sciences that we put together in a melting pot called “music production”. So, what about transferring brain waves into music? Or what about the goings on in your stomach, your liver? What about philosophy? What about psychiatry? What about geological processes?


Aspect 7:

The studio as a musical instrument (re-invented by Kraftwerk a lot later)

Let´s substitute the word “studio” by the word “world” and we´re at home!


Aspect 8:

The investigations in so far minor important (and partly new) musical categories (e.g. density)

“Density” has entered the room with a bang when it came to granular sound processing (see my e-book “In the World of Grains”). It´s neither new nor so far ignored any more. Perhaps we should take a closer look at silence – at the length of silence as well as at structured silence (pseudo-silence with very faint faraway “hints” of sound) to be precise.

... to be continued

Enjoy your day!


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