Quick & Easy - Modular Synth Patch Snippets Part 1

In this series of posts and articles I´m exclusively using rather basic modules to fulfil certain tasks, and I always try to leave the patches as less complex as possible.

Today´s tasks is:

Make a random mono pitch progression polyphonic using only a single pitch CV source.

The block diagram shows the principle.

Red arrows are pitch CV,

yellow arrows are triggers and gates,

orange arrows are envelope modulated audio volumes,

blue arrows are pure audio.

My Musical Dialogues With ChatGPT - Part 3 "Granular Sound"


Let´s talk about sonic grains and granular sound processing. First for the Beginners:

What are sonic grains?



Sonic grains are tiny, short audio samples that are used in granular synthesis and sound processing. They are typically less than 50 milliseconds in duration and are manipulated and combined in various ways to create new sounds. The manipulation of sonic grains can result in granular textures, soundscapes, and other complex and dynamic audio effects.



Artificial Intelligence And Generative Music

It´s time for some deep thoughts about the relation of generative music and AI. There´s going to be a series of articles about the matter here on this site soon. But also you can contribute, can help developing the project. Just leave you thoughts and notes in the comments (as some of you have started doing on my social media - thank you for that).

Enjoy your day!



VCV Rack ultra-quickies #9

As I promised on Social Media, here are the details of the patch:

Take the FM-OP and feed its audio out through a Spring Reverb module in the main Audio out.


The Feedback offset of the FM-OP is set to 15.904%

The offset of the Spring Reverb is adjusted to 39.8%


Add an LFO – Sample and Hold group and modulate the FM OP´s feedback.


The LFO is running at 3 Hz.

The probability of S&H is at 91.04%