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The cradles of electronic music part 9

(excerpt from my e-book “New Concepts for Music and Sound”: https://www.dev.rofilm-media.net/node/537)


Experiment 4

In experiment 4 the New and the Old meet even more tightly and entangled. One layer is the rather old (but pioneering at its time) technique of messing up speech by playing back pieces from different speakers at the same time.

I´ve recorded 4 different news speakers talking about 4 different topics to the 4 Loopionix. The 4 looper´s return sliders make a sub-mix, which then is patched to mixer channel 1.

cradle of electronic music

The second layer represents the New: Ongaku. The 4 news speakers have their counterpart in the 4 agents of Ongaku. The messy sounding speeches are quite well reflected in the factory preset “The Faraway Signal”. Some tweaking is needed though: I had to change the LPG and the delay feedback settings, reduce the amount of reverb as well as the room size and the diffusion, but increase the damp parameter to maximum.

The resulting sound from Ongaku is then recorded to track 1 of the 4-Track Tape Recorder and played back. This playback is patched to 3 different targets: the Vieltronix, the Vieltronix Zusatz Filter and – as unprocessed sound – directly into mixer channel 4. The output of the two Vieltronix devices is patched to mixer channels 2 and 3. Metaphorically we could say “the New returns back into the Old”.


After starting all 5 tapes I´m going to handle the faders of mixer channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 to do the final mix live (recorded to the 2-Track Master Tape).

(The video showing it all is only in the book https://www.dev.rofilm-media.net/node/537)

En joy your day!


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