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The cradles of electronic music part 8

new concepts for music and sound

(excerpt from my e-book “New Concepts for Music and Sound”: https://www.dev.rofilm-media.net/node/537)

Experiment 3

In both experiments the composed parts contained rather simple timbres and sound developments – let´s say to “keep our musical feet on the ground” - whereas Ongaku delivered more complex sonic goings on. And the individual parts, the composed one as well as Ongaku´s answer – were rather long, not a real dialogue.

Let´s start changing this in experiment 3 now. Here it´s about a conversation of 2 different kinds of “improvisation”, of randomness: Berna 3 with a sample & hold set-up versus Ongaku with all 4 agents active. The screenshots show the devises and the matrix.

new concepts for music and soundnew concepts for music and sound

As different pitches meet different open Vieltronix channels we get not only random pitches, but also random timbres. And – like always with S&H – Noise set-ups there is no constant rhythm of changing pitches (sometimes the sample function meets the same noise level twice or more). What´s more I change the adjustments at the Vieltronix as well as the offset frequency of the Dual Oscillator during the recording.


Therefore the randomisation functionality of Ongaku´s lower panel has to be switched on for all parameters on offer. Agents 1 and 3 get quite a lot of clock pulses, whereas agents 2 and 4 run at a rather “cool” pace (the two “P” knobs above and below the pictograms).


Snippets from the Berna 3 recording and the Ongaku recording alternate.

(The video showing the whole thing is only in the book https://www.dev.rofilm-media.net/node/537)

... to be continued

Enjoy your day!


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