The Modules of the Vintage ARP 2500 – Part 5

The Modules of the Vintage ARP 2500 – Part 5

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Of all ARP 2500 modules the mix sequencer module 1050 (1050 sequential mixer) is probably the second most versatile one (saying that the sample and hold random voltage module 1036 is the most versatile module in the original ARP 2500 collection of modules - see part 4 of this series).

Rolf´s Infotalk 4: Coding for Voltage Modular – Andrew Macaulay, part 2


00:00 Making a Living From Coding Music Apps

02:30 Do You Need a Musical Background to Produce Modules?

05:42 Performer, Composer, Producer or All in One

07:25 Are You a Solitary Worker?

10:32 Software or Hardware Instruments?

16:01 Using Different Controller Keyboards At the Same Time

19:13 The Roli Seaboard

21:48 Projects and Future Plans