Rolf´s Infotalk 4: Coding for Voltage Modular – Andrew Macaulay, part 2


00:00 Making a Living From Coding Music Apps

02:30 Do You Need a Musical Background to Produce Modules?

05:42 Performer, Composer, Producer or All in One

07:25 Are You a Solitary Worker?

10:32 Software or Hardware Instruments?

16:01 Using Different Controller Keyboards At the Same Time

19:13 The Roli Seaboard

21:48 Projects and Future Plans

Thoughts on Semi-Modular Synths vs. Eurorack – Part 3

Thoughts on Semi-Modular Synths vs. Eurorack – Part 3

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It´s 1 to 1 in the game “(best) semi modular synth setup versus Eurorack so far. I chapter 1, where it was all about costs and expenses the semi modular desktop synths clearly scored, whereas in chapter 2 Eurorack could get the point on the field of flexibility. Yes, it´s 1 to 1, but with a little prevalence on the side of the (cheaper) semi modular synthesizers. To say it at once: Chapter 3 will turn the game.