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from now on (21 Dec 2020 7.00 a.m. Prague time) and only to 22 Dec 2020 7.00 a.m. Prague time (24 hours).

Free download of 1.483 minutes (24 hours and 43 minutes) of professional tutorial videos about

VSTs (i.e. Softube´s “Modular”, or u-he´s “Bazille” and “Zebra 2”, or accSone´s “CrusherX”, or Solostuff´s “SoloRack”),

about the basics of sound design (i.e. “Frequency Modulation Workshop”, or the principles of modular synthesis etc.),

and about music hardware.

Korg Volca Modular Complete - Part 3

Korg Volca Modular

Korg Volca Modular Complete – Part 3 is online now:

It´s halftime! 3 of 6 parts are online now. Part 3 explains and demonstrates the global parameters, i.e. synchronisation modes, auto-off function etc. Then I talk about (and shows!) how to use the modules “Woggle”, “Split” and “Utility”. The #Korg #Volca #Modular has a very special understanding of Noise. I´m showing you this in the video too. Watch it all on YouTube, or get the download on the Shop page (non members) or on the Download pages for free (members).