Music Machines DIY From Zero to Hero

Hereby I announce the start of a new series: Music and Sound Machines DIY From Zero to Hero.
Making sound generating and sound tweaking hardware with inexpensive and basic parts and using them to do real practical and professional sound design, and to produce music. Making sound installations, sonic art, and pushing the borders of working with sound far far ahead. But I need your help!
Enjoy your day!

Rolf´s Infotalk 2: Gustavo Valetto - Solcito Musica Part 1

Gustavo Valletto This series of talks with successful and interesting people (musicians, producers, composers, manufacturers, sound designers,   promoters, music marketers) has the motto “Learning about and learning from”. Today Rolf´s guest is the Argentinian musician,   instrument builder and VSTi coder Gustavo Valletto. He is the man behind

 Solcito Música.

Surge XT Complete Part 1: Overview and Global Functions

Surge XT I show the general structure of the synth: oscillators, scenes, FX, modulators, Global functions with MPE, scales, micro   tuning, Wavetables, patch categories and patch browser etc.

 There are going to be 6 more videos in this series:

 Part 2: The oscillators, their parameter-sets and wave presets

 Part 3: The scenes and their parameters

"Morning Haze" by Angry Alice

It´s a full-fledged piece of sound-art now!

The track "Morning Haze" is inspired by the text "Morning Haze" by Rolf Kasten. This text was firstly published on the Internet in the 5th Video (non-public, donationware or members only) of the series about the ARP 2500 (formerly only about the Behringer clones, now extended to the G2500, to Voltage Modular´s version and to Mos-Labs products), where it serves as a textural demonstration of some functions of the Multimode Filter Module 1047.

The ARP 2500 Show featuring the Multifilter Module 1047

It´s the longest and the most complex video I´ve ever made.

I have divided it into 5 parts, so that you can watch them on Dropbox without the need to download the whole project.

Only parts A and D are a bit longer than 1 hour (the longest time Dropbox allows us to watch online). You will lose the last 5 minutes of Part A and about 3 seconds of Part D, if you don´t want to download them (but you can download them of course).

Making this video was a challenge. It´s part 5 in my series about the ARP 2500, and it´s about the Multimode Filter / Resonator module 1047.