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The Modules of the ARP 2500 – Part 13

ARP 2500 patch

The Modules of the ARP 2500 – Part 13

Today´s original ARP 2500 patch is a rather simple one. But it´s interesting because of its legions of oscillators, one of which operates as an LFO. I´m very curious how this mass of VCOs will reproduce the original ARP sound in Voltage Modular. Let´s get going!

There are 10 VCO modules 1004-T working as sound generators. All of them are tuned to the same pitch, and all of them use only the saw wave, but 4 of the VCOs are switched to inverted saw waves.

ARP 2500 vintage synth patch

The outputs of the 10 VCOs are divided between audio inputs 2 and 3 of the FiltAmp module 1006.

ARP 2500 vintage synth


The pitch modulation of the VCOs comes from the keyboard, and even the 11th oscillator module 1004-T, which operates as an LFO gets its rate modulation from the keyboard, so that the frequency of the modulation depends on the pitch of the played note.

ARP 2500 vintage synth

This LFO modulates the cut-off frequency of the FiltAmp module 1006, but only at a very small amount. And there´s a tiny little bit of resonance adjusted at the filter.

ARP 2500 vintage synth patch

The envelope generator module 1033 gets its trigger and gate signals from the keyboard.

ARP 2500 vintage synth patch

And the envelope´s output modulates the gain of the VCA in the FiltAmp module 1006.

ARP 2500 vintage synth patch

Well, that´s all. The following video demonstrates this patch in action including a bit of filter modulation changes:

Let´s reproduce this patch in Voltage Modular now.

First of all the 11 oscillator modules 1004-T, one of which in LFO mode, some switched to the inverted wave shapes like mentioned before.

ARP 2500 vintage synth patch

The audio out of VCOs 1, 3, 5, and 7are patched to FitAmp´s audio input 1, the outputs of VCOs 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 10 go to input 2 of the FiltAmp Module 1006. Then I patch the FiltAmp´s output to the main audio out of Voltage Modular to get the first sound.

ARP 2500 vintage synth patch

I insert an ADSR module, the module 1033, adjust the parameters according to the original patch, and patch the output of the module to the VCA gain modulation input of the FiltAmp module.

ARP 2500 vintage synth patch

Now it´s time for pitch controll and gate. Therefore I patch the pitch CV output of Voltage Modular to each of the 14V/oct inputs of the 10 VCOs and the 1 LFO, and the Gate signal input of Voltage Modular I patch to the GATE input of the ADSR envelope module 1033.

ARP 2500 vintage synth patch

The sonic result is, well, rather different from the original. Even with a lot of very detailed tweaking of the filter and the oscillators, we don´t come very near to the original sound. - But a nice sound we get anyway.


to be continued.


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