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Table of Videos
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VCV Rack in a nutshell #3 VCV Rack in a nutshell DHE modules 3 In this part I´m going to apply the knowledge that we have gained about the DHE modules in the first 2 videos to different versions of a polyphonic 3-voice patch. watch the video
Vintage Gear Part 1 vintage gear I´ve got some – no – I´ve got A LOT OF vintage equipment from an old man, who has had these things in his studio for nearly 40 years. watch the video
Volca Modular & Friends part 2 - Moog Werkstatt Hacks Moog Werkstatt It´s about the Moog Werkstatt again, but this time I show two hardware hacks, that make the Werkstatt more compatible to Eurorack. watch the video
Voltage Modular Byte Oscillator Part 1 Voltage Modular Byte Oscillator Part 1 The video gives an overview about all functions of the GUI, shows basic Operations with samples, and basic granular treatments of sound, talks about bit-depth and sample rate and a lot more. It covers the complete first level of working with the Byte Oscillator. watch the video
Voltage Modular The Zeroscillator zeroscillator It´s epic! It´s 2 hours full of information and tips. It´s everything one can know about the Zeroscillator. It´s all you need to know about exponential FM, classic linear FM and through-zero FM, and makes you really understand these things. It´s complete indeed. watch the video
Zebra Patch Analysis Part 1 - Bamboozle u-he Zebra2 Analysing the patch "HS Bamboozle", its components and its structure. Some "mysteries" concerning the comb filter unit and more. watch the video
Zebra Patch Analysis Part 2 - Tiddlymoo u-he Zebra2 Analysis of the preset "HS Tiddlymoo". All components and some ideas how to tweak the preset. watch the video