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CrusherX Tutorial 9 - LENGTH and BIRTH Part 2 CrusherX Length and Birth Advanced techniques with LENGTH and BIRTH of the grains (in accSone´s CrusherX). Some aspects of serious granular compositions. - And no Mrs. Rosalie anymore. watch the video
DIY Corner Part 1: A Windscreen for Zoom H5 DIY Windscreen Making a windscreen for my ZOOM H5 recorder. A (not completely serious) story and a construction manual and some tests at the end. The Windscreen is easy to make, cheap (about 4 dollars in material) and very efficient. watch the video
DIY Corner Part 2: Hydrophones DIY Hydrophones Building 4 different hydrophones and comparing them and an underwater camera while recording in/at a little creek. watch the video
DIY Hardware For Music Production And Sound Design - Episode 1 DIY sound design This series is an adventurous but also instructive journey into the world of DIY hardware, sound and music production. watch the video
Episode 1 - Melting Ice Czech Republic sound of melting ice Collecting water from the river Ohře in the Czech reoublic, freezing it and recording the sounds it makes when melting again. Place: City of Karlovy Vary, River Ohře, The Czech republic watch the video
Glitchmachines´ Quadrant Modules and Patches Part 1 Glitchmachines Quadrant Building up 2 patches and explaining all the details of the used modules. And here are the promised links: watch the video
Glitchmachines´ Quadrant Part 2 Glitchmachines Quadrant This part deals with all kinds of implementing delay and delay networks, shows how Karplus-Strong delay patches work and demonstrates different feddback strategies. watch the video
Glitchmachines´Palindrome an in-depth Tutorial Part 1 Glitchmachines Palindrome Talking about aspects of Palindrome, which are either not mentioned elsewhere or need some further explanations ... and a useful approach for the planful sound designer at the end. watch the video
Grandpa Soundstone Part 1: Raspberry Pi Grandpa Soundstone Raspberry Pi First part of my journey through the entire realm of computers, music and sound. watch the video
Grandpa Soundstone Part 2: Getting the Raspberry Pi to Work Grandpa Soundstone Raspberry Pi After making some mistakes Grandpa Soundstone got the Raspberry Pi to work. watch the video