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Quick & Easy - Modular Synth Patch Snippets Part 2


In this series of posts and articles I´m exclusively using rather basic modules to fulfil certain tasks, and I always try to leave the patches as less complex as possible.


Today´s tasks is: creating a simple macro controller

(this is really a simple one, but some of you might not have thought of it nevertheless)

Sometimes you don´t have enough hands to dial all knobs in your patch that you would need to in a live situation (or when recording in the studio without having automation on).

The basic solution is really simple: use a DC offset module to control and tweak all parameters. The little block diagram shows that situation.

macro contrfoller 1

But perhaps you don´t want to tweak all parameters equally. No problem, just patch an attenuator (VCA with manually adjusted gain) between the DC offset module and those parameters, which you want to tweak less drastically. The next block diagram shows that.

macro controller 2

Sometimes you want to tweak some parameters in different directions, some values shall increase, others decrease at the same time. No problem either. Just use an inverter module. The block diagram shows it.

macro controller 3

The picture shows an example in VCV Rack.

vcv rack macro controller

And there´s video showing this little patch in action. Just click the link to watch it.


You want to download this patch? No problem. Just click here:


Enjoy your day!


... to be continued

to part 1: https://www.dev.rofilm-media.net/node/598

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