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Quick & Easy - Modular Synth Patch Snippets Part 1

modular synth snippets 1

In this series of posts and articles I´m exclusively using rather basic modules to fulfil certain tasks, and I always try to leave the patches as less complex as possible.

Today´s tasks is:

Make a random mono pitch progression polyphonic using only a single pitch CV source.

The block diagram shows the principle.

Red arrows are pitch CV,

yellow arrows are triggers and gates,

orange arrows are envelope modulated audio volumes,

blue arrows are pure audio.

modular synth patch snippet 1

The DC offset added to the pitch CV that comes from the quantizer results in VCO 2 generating a pitch which is 7 semitones higher than the pitch which is generated by VCO 1 (1V/OCT divided by 12 semitones times 7 semitones equals 0.58 Volt).

The gate delay makes envelope 2 start later than envelope 1. Therefore VCO 2 answers the note that is generated by VCO 1. And this answer is always a perfect fifth higher than the note played by VCO 1.

I use VCV Rack to patch this snippet (I´ll do so in all following articles as well, so that everybody can follow and reproduce. The screenshot shows it.

modular synth patch snippet 1

The 2 LFOs on the left generate “jumping rate patterns with an overall upwards tendency” shown in the next picture.

modular synth patch snippet 1

Please notice, that the (final) trigger/gate LFO on the right is adjusted to negative rate modulation, which means, that the higher the level that comes from the CV mixer, the lower is the rate of this trigger/gate LFO.

I´ve added a bit of reverb to the patch, just for reasons of beauty.

The video shows me working with the patch a bit. Please notice how the whole character of the sonic goings on change when I change the rates of the 3 LFOs as well as the attack, decay and release times of both envelope modules. Just click the link to watch the video:



And here you can download the patch:


... to be continued

to part 2: https://www.dev.rofilm-media.net/node/600

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