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"Morning Haze" by Angry Alice

"Morning Haze" - Angry Alice

It´s a full-fledged piece of sound-art now!

The track "Morning Haze" is inspired by the text "Morning Haze" by Rolf Kasten. This text was firstly published on the Internet in the 5th Video (non-public, donationware or members only) of the series about the ARP 2500 (formerly only about the Behringer clones, now extended to the G2500, to Voltage Modular´s version and to Mos-Labs products), where it serves as a textural demonstration of some functions of the Multimode Filter Module 1047.

BUT NOW! Rolf has decided to make it a real piece of music/sound-art and has composed and produced the 5-minute full version of "Morning Haze". He uses his pseudonym "Angry Alice" - a name, which gives us the idea of what is still to come!

"Morning Haze" is a depressive track. It is about a child´s fear of the dawn and the events of the day ahead on one hand, and overprotective parents who cannot accept that their child is a separate person with a personality of their own. Parents unable to let go. It´s produced using not only musical instruments, but also sounds extracted from real world recordings.

Members of our community (see menu "Membership") can listen to it and download it for free. The piece is also available from the Shop page at this site (https://dev.rofilm-media.net/node/295) at a price of 3.00 $.

Right now there are works going on to make this and future pieces and works (not only sound-art, music and texts) available as NFTs.

May get more than only interesting, this "Angry Alice" thing.

Rolf would end with "Enjoy your day!", so let me wish you the same!

Marie Steinhauserová


sada-exposada Mi., 16.02.2022 - 15:39

emotional textures, the whispering amplifies the tension or threat.
great composition. made with detail, and feeling and concentration.

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