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Genetics of Sound


Everywhere is sound. Everything is sound. You can close your eyes, but you cannot close your ears. There is sound in your brain and in the universe. There is sound in a picture, in a text, in a life. Sound makes things come true, get real. Sound makes reality, reality is sound.


I want to dive into its deepest deep and hear … and even see … its smallest parts, these tiny atoms of sonic adventures that make me so crazy. What will I discover? Will it be grains where my journey ends?

Or perhaps even Genes? Are there things like Genes somewhere deep into a sound, giving it its characteristics, making it sound - and first of all: react and develop – as it does?

Partials. People are always telling me: “It is the typical set of partials that makes the sound.“ May that be true? Really? Is there any sound at all, whose partials aren't changing permanently on a microscopical scale of time?

So – what is the smallest but complete Gene of a Sound? - - - Or a waveform?

Is there something like a sonic gene characterizing a specific sound and transferring these specifics and this character to other sounds when implantet into them? Does it make a point to talk of – and first of all: think about - “Genetics of Sound“? Is there a sensible analogy of Genetics and …. yes, and what? Spectral Analysis? …... Granular Analysis?

Or am I dreaming of wizardry?

May I be right to say that the granular aspect deals with micromovements and micro-envelopes of all and every single partial or harmonic, deals with spectrum changes and velocity changes as a unit on a micro-timescale, whereas the aspect of additive synthesis works with fixed pictures of a special momentary soundspectrum?

How does a loop, a sample - after some kinds of genetic engineering - react on a macroscopical scale? Perhaps there is no audible difference between the original and the such manipulated sample containing now some foreign genes, but a remarkable difference, when looped and changed in a more conventional way with filters and other external effects?

Or perhaps – all these questions are nothing else than complete nonsense.

So – why should you listen to this here? Why am I producing clips like that one you are watching right now?

Well, its fascinating, it spurs my creativity, its inspiring, it may even lead to a better understanding of all kinds of sounds, or might help me to create not only uncommon sounds but also quite common ones more precisely and faster. And – first of all – its fun …. perhaps emanated from the crooked mind of a sound-junkie.

More is to follow.

Enjoy your day!


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