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Arturia Keystep - The Sequencer

With 42 minutes length this is the probably most comprehensive tutorial about the Keystep´s sequencer functionality.


00:00 Some Basic Preparations

02:13 Making a Sequence Step-by-Step

02:13 A Simple Example

06:30 Some Important Data Concerning the Keystep

09:33 Programming Rests

10:30 Programming Linked Notes

11:52 Programming Legato Notes

13:42 The Playback Functions

13:55 Gate

15:50 Swing

17:55 The Keyboard Modes

18:05 The Transpose Mode

19:25 The Keyboard Play Mode

21:40 Changing the Time Division in a Live Situation

22:40 Restarting Sequences

23:40 Making/Changing a Sequence Live

23:40 Loop Recording

26:20 The “Empty Sequence” Trick

28:14 Some Little Helpers

32:28 Appending Steps

35:30 Deleting Steps

36:55 Setting SPEED with the TAB button

40:12 The CHORD Mode

42:20 The End

42:46 The Very End



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Arturia Keystep - The Sequencer
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Arturia Keystep
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