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The Advantages of Being a Member

downloadsFor a lot of you the biggest advantage of being a member of our rofilmmedia community might be the free access to the download area.

Here you get an ever growing number of tutorial videos for free, which are nowhere else available. There are hours and hours full of information, tips and hacks concerning synths, vsts, hard- and software, production steps etc., all concerning working with sound, soundmachines and sound related projects.

But it´s not only about tutorial videos. In the download area there are also e-books (“read and click” with links to video material), there are sound&samples, there are complete projects, and in the future there is going to be sound processing software as well. All these things people have to pay for are free of charge for members.

searchMembers can use this site with an increased functionality at hand. There is a side-wide search function (comes in handy with some hundreds of pages of content here).

publishMembers can publish their own content directly on this site without having to send it in to the administrators and without having to ask anybody – if you are not a member, you can publish here as well, and you´re most welcome to do so, but you´ll have to send in your material via email to rofilm@seznam.cz.

Members can write comments, which go online at once. Nobody has to approve them first.

saleMembers can put their own products on the shop page without having to pay for that, and without any commission for me or for the community.

mychannelsMembers can download public videos from my YouTube channels for free. An astonishing number of people have asked me – and keep asking me – to offer downloads of my public videos on YouTube, because they´d rather have them on their harddiscs than watching them online. Everybody can get these public videos here from this site for a nominal fee (just visit the shop page), but only members can get them for free.

Modular CityEven if the virtual town of Modular City is going to change its face (dramatically), as every modern town on earth does, it will always be accessible for members only.

Member or not, your responds, your opinion, your suggestions and your comments do have impact on the development not only of this site, but also of my productions of tutorials and of other sound related material. But members have a greater influence on what you´re going to see, hear and read here and on my 3 YouTube channels.

The annual membership fee is 49$, your membership lasts 1 year. It won´t be automatically prolonged (it´s not a subscription). but you´ll get an email reminder, in case you wanted to pay for another year.

On the occasion of going online with this new website you don´t have to pay your 49$ at once. You can pay 5 monthly installments of 9.80$ instead. You´ll have access at once after paying the first installment, and your membership will be valid 12 month after paying your last installment, 17 month all in all instead of only 12 month therefore! (But it will end at once, if you forget to pay an installment – well, there will be a reminder first.)

I´m looking forward to welcome you as a member of our rofilmmedia community soon.

Enjoy your day!


The Advantages of Being A Member