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My Newsletter October 2023

Noise Box

Dear Friends, Supporters and Members,

Roland TB-303

after finishing and successfully publishing this year´s “summer book” (volume 3 of my trilogy about making generative music with modular synths) it´s time for producing videos and sound libraries, doing field recording and doing a lot of “creative nonsense” like turning the activity of a vacuum cleaner robot into a music video. That´s what great-grandfathers do, isn´t it?

Alright, let´s go for the news now.

“The Triumph Of a Misconception” - that´s the title of the first part of a larger series of videos about the modules of Cherry Audio´s Voltage Modular. This first part deals with Roland´s legendary TB-303 and 3 of Voltage Modular´s software recreations of the oscillator and filter functionality of Roland´s vintage hardware. At the end of the video I recreate the bass line of 3 hits (2 from the 1980s and 1 from the 1990s), which were made using the TB-303. With its 47 minutes the video covers all functional and sonic aspects of the machine and the software, and talks even a bit about Roland´s history. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/QOrFrsmtKpY

VCV Racvk


Part 10 of my video series “VCV Rack in a nutshell” is online. It´s about VCV Rack´s software version of the Mutable Instruments module “Tides”. And because I show and explain all functions (and quirks) of the module, the video grew a bit longer than normal “in a nutshell” videos (more than 21 minutes). If you want to watch it, just follow the link: https://youtu.be/ABG2SMgtsJI

affiliate program

Bang! It has happened! I would never have thought that I´d have to, but my affiliate program has started.

Yes, I have created an affiliate program that makes it possible for you to do what you like and what you are convinced of, and to support my work, and to earn money (and not even only little money) – and all of that at the same time. You can learn more about it here: https://www.dev.rofilm-media.net/node/604

Noise Box

Do you remember my noise box project – based on this huge and beautiful tin box I found at a yard sale? Well, life has forced me to postpone and to postpone and to postpone the project, but there´s a good chance now, that I´ll be able to start and to finish this hardware sound design project this year at last. I´ve gathered about 80% of the items I need by now, and our regular local yard sale has come to more life again in the meantime, so that I´m confident to get the missing items there quite soon.


Enjoy your day!

Cheers and peace!


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