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Unlock the Sonic Universe: Your Journey through Generative Music with Modular Synths Trilogy

Making Generative Music

Are you ready to dive deep into the realms of generative music, where innovation knows no limits and creativity takes on a life of its own? Embark on a transformative journey with the "Generative Music with Modular Synths Trilogy," an all-encompassing trilogy designed to revolutionize your music creation experience.

Unveiling a Trilogy Beyond Boundaries

Generative Music

Spanning three volumes and a staggering 925 pages, the "Generative Music with Modular Synths Trilogy" is your gateway to a world of sonic exploration and endless possibilities. Delve into the very heart of generative music, unraveling its intricacies, and mastering the art of sculpting unique soundscapes.

I bring over 40 years of hands-on experience and profound knowledge in the realm of modular synthesizers. My journey through the evolving landscape of music technology has led me to distill my expertise into these volumes, ensuring that novices and seasoned creators alike can reap the benefits of my vast insights.

Volume 1: The Foundations (Content Overview – please visit the book shop on this page to see more details and to read the first chapter of each of the 3 volumes)

volume 1
  • Chapter 0: An Introduction to the Course and the Essence of Generative Music.

  • Chapter 1: Real Randomness vs. Complex Cycles: Exploring LFOs, Looping Envelopes, Sequencers, and more.

  • Chapter 2: Modulating and Triggering: Pitch, Timbre, Voices, Rhythm, Effects, Envelopes, Quantizers, and more.

  • Chapter 3: Compositional Aspects of Generative Music: Strategies, Techniques, and Patch Examples.

  • Chapter 4: Building Blocks of Generative Patching: Envelopes, Random Harmonies, and beyond.

  • Chapter 5: Modules with Generative Potential: The Turing Machine, Befaco's "Rampage," Mutable Instruments' "Marbles," and more.

Volume 2: Evolution of Soundscapes (Content Overview – please visit the book shop on this page to see more details and to read the first chapter of each of the 3 volumes)

volume 2
  • Chapter 0: Setting the Stage with a Word about the Book.

  • Chapter 1: Embracing Variety, Randomness, Motion, and Structure.

  • Chapter 2: Unveiling Different Kinds of Randomness.

  • Chapter 3: Unleashing Triggering Random Events through Krell Patches, Real World Triggers, and more.

  • Chapter 4: Exploring Diverse Special Random Operations.

  • Chapter 5: Merging Generative Music with Compositional Techniques.

  • Chapter 6: Discovering Generative Patching Techniques and Case Studies.

  • Chapter 7: Examining Fascinating Modules: Tides, Utilities, Feigen, Anima, and more.

  • Chapter 8: Solving Complex Tasks through Advanced Patching Techniques.

  • Chapter 9: Crafting Tips, Ideas, and Valuable Insights into Generative Music.

  • Chapter 10: Exploring the History and Future of Generative Music.

  • Chapter 11: Contemplating the Generative Nature of Life and Music.

  • Chapter 12: Contrasting CARDINAL and VCV Rack: A Comparative Study.

Volume 3: Mastering Generative Mastery (Content Overview – please visit the book shop on this page to see more details and to read the first chapter of each of the 3 volumes)

volume 3
  • Chapter 0: Providing Insights into the Third Installment of the Trilogy.

  • Part I: Exploring Structures and Techniques for Multi-Level Random Switches, Scale Modulations, Aspects of Generative Polyphony, and more.

  • Part II: Diving into Projects and Approaches: From Spontaneity and Puzzles to Delirium and Composition.

Elevate Your Music with a Wealth of Resources

  • 446 Modular Synth Patches: Fuel your creativity with an array of downloadable patches.

  • 925 pages: The knowledge of more than 40 years of practical work

  • 685 Illustrations and Graphics: Visualize intricate concepts with clarity and ease.

  • 416 Embedded Videos: Seamlessly integrate learning with video demonstrations and tutorials.

  • A Trilogy, A Community: Join a vibrant community of fellow explorers and creators who share your passion for generative music.

A Community of Learning and Support


When you invest in the "Generative Music with Modular Synths Trilogy," you gain more than just a set of books—you become a part of a thriving community of fellow creators, explorers, and music aficionados. But the support doesn't end with the last page of the trilogy. As a buyer, you have an exclusive opportunity to tap into my decades of experience and expertise. Have a question? Seeking guidance on a specific technique? Wondering how to apply a concept to your unique setup? I'm here to provide the answers you seek, ensuring your journey towards mastery is smooth and fulfilling.

Unleash the Endless Potential of Generative Music

generative music

From understanding the complexities of randomness to mastering modules that breathe life into your creations, the "Generative Music with Modular Synths Trilogy" is your guide to unlocking the infinite possibilities of music creation. Join the ranks of sonic pioneers who dare to redefine the boundaries of music composition.

Embrace the power of generative music with the trilogy that encapsulates the essence of our conversations and insights. Your journey to sonic mastery begins here—where innovation meets creativity, and music evolves into something extraordinary.


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Enjoy your creativity!


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