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Volume 3 of "A Systematic Introduction To Making Generative Music With Modular Synths" is comming

Volume 3 of my trilogy about making generative music with modular synths is drafted, the outlines are clear, and so I can start working on the details, writing the individual chapters, producing the videos, which come with the book, making the illustrations and so on.

This third part of the trilogy is going to be available in autumn this year, but – some may smile about it – the book´s epilogue is already written. Here it is:



And here it ends. These are the last sentences of my trilogy about making generative music with modular synths.

And these are the last few minutes of more than three years of working about this topic, of writing, of trying out patch techniques, of making graphics and all kinds of illustrations ... and of making hundreds and hundreds of video clips and embed them in these books.

If you have followed me through all three volumes of “A Systematic Introduction To Making Generative Music With Modular Synths” I´d like to say:



Thank you for following me! Thank you very much indeed for reading and practising and working yourself through legions of pages and exercises. Thank you for following me through 1095 days (it ended up being even a few more), for telling me your opinion in emails, in your comments on social media and in Skype calls – and of course thank you for buying my e-books and for giving me all kind of support.”


You have worked yourself through a lot of stuff, really a lot, and you can rightly call yourself a master of generative music now.

Where should you – or we - go from here? How should you - or we – continue? What are the nearest related subject areas?


Well, it´s not only modular synths we can generate music with. Producing generative music by coding is one of these neighbouring fields of creativity.


And being a neighbour to both (modular and program code) there is the wide field of algorithmic composition.

And looking into another direction we see a group of “generative music generating” techniques marching under the flag of “Artificial Intelligence”.

And understanding yourself as a part of the generative system you may even want to explore the world of music and psychology, of how musical phenomena are experienced.

Alright then! There´s a lot to do, there are a lot of journeys waiting to be made.

Enjoy your day!

Rolf Kasten



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