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Book Partners Network

book partners network

I´m very proud and happy to present the first 5 Partners in our little network of partners of my books and courses.

Get discounts of e.g. 50% on albums, get hardware modules at reduced prices, and services especially created for you.

The principle of our partnership is simple and efficient:

Everybody who buys my books gets the products of the other partners in the network at a remarkably reduced price (down to 50% in some cases). The discount code is sent with the download links of my books. And everybody, who buys a product from a partner in this network gets a discount of 50% on each of my books. And again: the discount code is sent with the download links (or the parcel in case of buying hardware).

Come and see the whole (and growing) list of partners and their works here: https://www.dev.rofilm-media.net/node/468

So, no matter whose customer you are – you´ll always get advantages with each of the other partners in the network.


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