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Rolf´s Infotalk 10: White Sea Studio Part 1

White Sea Studio Wytse Gerichhausen

Rolf´s Infotalk 10 White Sea Studio – Part 1 is online now.


00:00 Intro

02:21 How did you get into the music industry?

03:36 How did you “slip” into the studio scene?

05:29 Tascam Porta Studio, ARP Odyssey and other things you´d better never sell

06:46 Is it about the technique? Or the music? Or the sound? Or the machines?

08:52 Analogue, digital and inspiration in art

11:33 A shortcut to generative music

13:44 What about music of your own?

16:54 Do you know your audience, and about telling stories?


This series of talks with successful and interesting people (musicians, producers, composers, manufacturers, sound designers, promoters, music marketers) has the motto “Learning about and learning from”. Today Rolf´s guest is Wytse Gerichhausen, the man behind White Sea Studio.

Audio Engineer, Youtuber, Studio owner and Recording adviser – Wytse Gerichhausen does it all – and very successfully.

He started White Sea Studio back in 2014.

After working 5 years in the EDM industry as a mixing engineer, Wytse decided to take a broader approach and open himself up to all music genres.

He has worked with artists like Cryosis, Dyro and Conro, Franky Rizardo, Zombie Nation, Funk Heven … just to name a few.

The number of views on his Youtube channel goes into millions.

Wytse is known for his absurd obsession with music, audio technology and sound.

He says his goal is to always find a way to give your music production just that bit extra to lift it to a higher level.

Every single detail in his work is thought out, even if it's barely audible.

He also likes to work super efficient and is always figuring out ways to make things easier for himself.

This way he can focus even more on what matters,

the music.


Today Rolf´s guest is Wytse Gerichhausen, the man behind White Sea Studio. They talk about the music industry, vintage gear, analog and digital and more.



Rolf´s Infotalk 10: White Sea Studio

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