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A Quick Tip For VCV Rack Users

Cardinal VST vs VCV Rack

A quick tip for VCV Rack users: There are problems loading certain modules in the latest VCV Rack 2 releases (e.g. rel. 2.1.2). I´m sure the people at VCV will solve them. But in the meantime you may find it useful to download CARDINAL, the free VCV Rack alternative, which even comes as a VST. (https://github.com/DISTRHO/Cardinal/releases/tag/22.06) You can load your VCV Rack presets into CARDINAL, and most of the VCV Rack modules that cause the above mentioned problems are also part of CARDINAL, and don´t cause any problems there. CARDINAL has got legions of modules on board too (even if not that many as VCV Rack).

I hope this little post was helpful for some of you.

Enjoy your day!


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