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The Writing of "A Systematic Introduction to Making Generative Music With Modular Synths" Volume 2 - Progress Report 1

A Systematic Introduction to Making Generative Music With Modular Synths Volume 2

(Saturday, 2 July 2022)

While Volume 1 laid the foundations for working creatively and purposefully with generative patches and producing generative music, my new volume 2 answers all the questions that had to remain unanswered in Volume 1 for systematic reasons. This second volume is a lot more detailed than volume 1 therefore. There are going to be numerous examples, more complex than those in volume 1, more complex, larger, and full of new patching ideas and strategies. There are going to be plenty of practical tips concerning workflow, solving problems (e.g. “How can I substitute a missing module by making sub-patches?”) and sustaining the listeners attention. How much of your piece shall follow your compositional will, and what is the share the machine, your patch, the modules themselves have in the work? - I´m going to answer that question as well.

The book is going to have 11 chapters, 6 chapters more than volume 1!

Chapter 1 is already written and finished. I´ve laid the structure of chapter 2, I´ve produced all graphics for chapter 2 (which took me a whole day), and I´ve started writing chapter 2. I still think I´ll be able to publish this volume 2 in September. I´ll keep you informed and I´ll write a new progress report here on my website every Saturday.

Enjoy your day!



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