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In the World of Grains - Volume 1 (click and learn more)

In the World of Grains - Volume 1

In the world of grains
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Description and Preview

Preamble 5

Chapter 1: A Brief History of Granular Sound Processing 9

Chapter 2: Computer Languages and Programming Environments for Granular Sound Processing 33

Chapter 2.1: Computer Languages without Graphical User Interfaces 35 ChuK 35 Real-Time Cmix 37 CLM 38

CSound 39

Extempore 41

Faust 44

JSyn 46

Nyquist 46

Sonic Pi 48

Super Collider 50

Chapter 2.2: Computer Languages with Graphical User Interfaces 54

Syntona 54


Pure Data 59

OpenMusic 62

SynthEdith 64

Reaktor 67

Chapter 3: A First Attempt to Classify and to Systemise

Approaches to Using Sonic Grains in Music and

Audible Art 71

Chapter 4: Some Notes about Composing with Grains 95

General Thoughts 95

Structures, Levels, Time Scales 98

Techniques and Cross-Compositional

Resources 103

The Role of Mathematics 106

Chaos and Probability 110

Relation to Real World Sounds and Real

World Situations 112

A Kind of Practical Conclusion 115

Chapter 5: Assembling a Library of Grains 116

Chapter 6: A Sonic Microscope 125

Chapter 7: Ready-Made Apps, VSTs, AUs and Hardware

Granular Sound Processors 138

Chapter 7.1: CrusherX by accSone 140

Chapter 7.2: Granite by New Sonic Arts 158

Chapter 7.3: Polygon 2.0 by Glitchmachines 169

Chapter 7.4: Clouds by Mutable Instruments (Hardware) and by Softube (Software) 178

Chapter 7.5: grandPA + SPA and microGranny by Bastl Instruments 184

Chapter 8: Epilogue 189

Chapter 9: Contact 191

Appendix A: Recognisability of Single Grains Depending on Sonic Content and Frequency Band 192

Appendix B: Recognisability of Changes of the Sonic Content of a Grain During its Lifetime Depending on the Kind of Sonic Content and the Frequency Band 204

References and Resources 209

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