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ARP 2500 Part 5 Multimode Filter 1047 / "The ARP 2500 Show"

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ARP 2500 Multimode Filter Module 1047

Welcome to more than 4 hours of video. It´s the longest and the most complex video I´ve ever made.

I have divided it into 5 parts, so that you can watch them on Dropbox without the need to download the whole project.

Only parts A and D are a bit longer than 1 hour (the longest time Dropbox allows us to watch online). You will lose the last 5 minutes of Part A and about 3 seconds of Part D, if you don´t want to download them.

Making this video was a challenge. It´s part 5 in my series about the ARP 2500, and it´s about the Multimodefilter-Resonator module 1047.

Well, that´s what this video is focussed on.

When I researched the web (websites, social media, youTube etc.) I discovered, that there are not only quite some videos and publications concerning this module – that´s nothing special, there are always a lot of them about everything - but there are even some real good ones, especially some real good videos on YouTube about the module 1047.

Ok – should I produce a video about it at all then?

Yes, I would do it!

But I would have to be better (thank you all good YouTubers for provoking me).

This video would have to be something special, something more beautiful, more entertaining, more educating, more artful.

It would have to widen our consciousness concerning the Module, concerning the ARP 2500 and concerning our work with sound and musical ideas.

And so it became this more than 4 hours video – well – rather event than a simple video.

Enjoy it!


Rolf from rofilm-media

Part A:

0:00:00 Introduction, Content And Timeline

0:02:21 Overview And Functions

0:04:18 History: Denis P. Collin And His Multimode Filter

0:04:38 The LP Filter

0:04:38 Filters and Their Slope

0:05:04 Comparing Moog Filters And ARP Filters

0:13:39 A Filter Patch With Delay And LP And Variations

0:19:16 A Filter Improvisation (LP, HP, Delay, LFO etc.)

With Included Slide Show About the History of Electronic Music

0:26:49 The Respond Characteristic of the CV Input Jacks And Their Offsets,

Impedances And Voltage Ranges of the Module 1047

0:30:00 The Filter Overload LED

0:31:14 The HP Filter

0:31:14 Cleaning a Sound Source Reverb

0:33:11 Demonstrating: HP Filter And Delay

Including a Slide Show about the History of the Company ARP

0:38:00 Creating a Sonic 3D Space With HP Filters

0:41:51 Operating White Noise And Showing Filter Curves

0:46:35 Demonstrating A Classic Patch and Filter Overload

0:54:01 A Simple But Flexible Patch Improvisation

Including An Abstract Slide Show And Basic Thoughts About What We are Doing


Part B:

0:00:00 The BP Filter

0:00:37 BP Spectrum And White Noise, Changing BP to HP and to LP

0:10:11 Comparing the Output Levels of LP, HP and BP

0:13:27 BP Filters And the Wah-Wah Effect

0:16:12 Combining LP And BP (Patch Example And Improvisation)

Including a Slide Show of ARP Synthesizers

0:21:41 A Patch a Bit More Complex And Improvisation

Including a Slide Show and Some Thoughts On how We perceive Things

(My Personal Kant)

0:30:52 The Notch Filter

0:31:37 Hard Facts, Diagrams And the Notch Filter´s Independency

0:33:15 The Noth Filter And White Noise, Fc vs. Fnotch

0:36:40 Addressing Single Partials An a Spectrum

0:39:16 Changing Notch to LP and to HP

0:40:17 An Even More Complex Patch Working With 3 Different Filters

Including a Slide Show And Some Puzzling Thoughts About Consciousness,

Quantum Physics and World Spirit (My Personal Hegel)

0:47:22 A Special Notch Wah-Wah (Patch Plus Demonstration)

0:51:51 A Bit More Modules Included (Notch Envelope Modulations And More)

0:54:32 Stereo Effects With Notch and BP Filters

0:56:00 Notch Plus LP


Part C:

0:00:00 Pitch Stability, Temperature and Grinding Down Transistors

0:02:23 Questions and Examples of Self-Resonance And Filter Pinging

0:18:46 “Pinging Around the World” (Patch Improvisation And Slide Show)

0:23:03 Patch: Three Different Envelopes On Three Different Filter Parameters

0:30:19 The Multimode Filter 1047 Working Together With the FiltAmp Module 1006

0:33:49 Patch: Killing a Melody Using the 1047 And the 1006

0:40:08 Human Voices, Washing Machines And Pop Songs Fed Into the Multimode Filter (From

Tape) Presented As an “Audible Version” of One of My Poems (Including Photos)

0:45:41 A Really True Software Version of the ARP 2500 With Matrix Switches: The G2500

0:50:37 Two Hardware Alternatives to Behringer: Mos-lab and CMS


Part D:

0:00:00 Comparing Behringer´s Hardware Clone, Voltage Modular´s Software Version and the

G2500 Software Version of the ARP 2500

0:00:20 Authenticity And Differences of the Functions (Including the Keyboard Percussion

Function, the LOW LEVEL Input, And the Voice of the Cylons from “Battle Star


0:09:03 The “NORM – LIM” Switch

0:14:01 A Comprehensive In-Detail Comparison of the Sounds of the Three Versions

(All Four Filter Types of the Three Modules At different Amounts of Resonance And

Working on Different Pitches – Something for Real “Hardcore Nerds”)

1:00:03 End of Part D


Part E:

“The Scream”

A Short Story Written by Rolf Kasten (Back In the Days) And Set To Music With Some Added Photos.

Most of the Sounds Are Made With All Three Versions of the ARP 2500.


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All about the Multimode Filter and a lot about the people, who made it and the musicians who used it. (and more!!!)