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The Ultimate Epic ARP 2500 Video Event

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until publishing of the probably

most beautiful - most instructive - most profound - most entertaining - artful 

video that has ever been produced about a synthesizer module.

Soon more about it here at this place.

Enjoy your day!


A week has passed by, and here is a bit more of information about the project to come:

There is a lot of demonstration and explanation of the newly available ARP 2500 modules (hardware and software clones). Of course there is. There are sounds nobody has ever heard. There are patches, simple but mighty. There is art in it. It´s "educating as a manifestation of art". It will make you sad. It will make you jump for joy. It will make you understand - more than only the synth.

And after another week has passed by, here is the next "addendum": Have you ever thought that philosophy can help you make better music? Have you ever thought that literature is a form of sound design? have ever tried to learn and know your musical gear by painting pictures?

And another week has passed by. The work is done!!!! All in all more than 4 hours of vide. I´ve divided them into 5 parts, so that you will be able to watch them from Dropbox even without downloading them. Only a few days left, and you´ll get them!

Enjoy your day!


ARP 2500

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