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ARP 2500 Part 4 The Oscillator Module(s) 1004

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ARP 2500 oscillator module 1004

It´s all and everything about Behringer´s hardware remake of the oscillator module 1004 (-T). Then the video compares the hardware remake with Voltage Modular´s software version, and both with the functionality of the original ARP module from the 1970s. There´s even a short excursion to compare the ARP module with the Roland oscillator module 112. A bit of patching rounds the video up. The public trailer is on YouTube: https://youtu.be/1upUjdrzZT8

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And this is the content of the whole video:

0:00:00 Intro and Historical Context

0:01:12 The Oscillator Module 1004

0:01:41 The T-Version and the P-Version of the Original from 1970

0:01:20 The Elements on the Front Panel – a Walk-through

0:05:10 The Waves and Their Inverted Shapes

0:05:50 Combining and Mixing up to 5 Wave Shapes

0:07:22 P-Version and T-Version – the Differences

(0:07:32 Mistake: the original DID have individual outs)

0:08:20 Inputs and Outputs and Modulations

0:11:40 Frequency Ranges

0:17:07 Remarkable Effects of Combining Wave Shapes

0:20:12 Some Special Combinations of the5 Wave Shapes

0:27:06 The Module 1004 as an LFO

0:35:03 Comparing the Wave Shapes of the ARP 2500 and the Roland System 100m

0:43:18 Patch 1

0:50:40 Patch 2

0:51:36 Patch 3

0:55:38 Comparing the hardware Module and the Software (Voltage Modular)

1:02:50 Authenticity Check: Hardware Remake, Software Remake and the Original

1:06:28 The End


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ARP 2500 Part 4 Oscillator Module 1004