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Some quotations from the preamble (Generative Music with Modular Synths)

A Systematic Introduction to Making Generative Music With Modular Synths

Do you know this?

You see and hear somebody doing something interesting, something beautiful, something you would like to do too.

You try.

It´s not what you had expected it to be, it´s not how you had expected it to be.

So you fiddle with your equipment.

You come upon something nice – sometimes.

You come upon something – accidentally.

But you feel:there´s still something missing.

OK – it´s fun most of the times, but it could be more than that.

It should be more than that.


You want to get better.

But how? How to start getting better?

Where to start?

Do you know this?

You need a system.

The matter you have been working on needs a systematic approach.

You need it.

We all need it.

Here it is:

A systematic introduction to making generative music with modular synthesisers.

And another quotation from the book:

“... And don´t worry: You´ll be able to reproduce everything, that is described in this book. You´ll be able to reproduce every single example and every single sonic experiment, which you´re going to meet on these pages. You can do so using hardware (if you have got the money to buy all the modules, which appear in this book), or software. You can even use the freeware “VCV Rack” to follow me here in a very practical way. ...”

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