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A New Beginning - But Also a New Dawn?

A new version of my website. What´s different now?

Well, most obviously it´s the look.

new lookNot only the members of our rofilm-media.net community kept telling me, that the “retro” look of the “old” website had a “feeling of 1990”, what some of you liked, but most of you didn´t.

Watching the old website on a mobile was far from comfortable. This new site is responsive now. Mobile friendly. Tablet friendly.

Communication wins!

communication winsYou can write your comments direct (and directly) on a page now, attached to the article you want to respond to.

And if you are a member, you can even publish an article of your own here (only at “Stories” and “off-the-wall” at the moment). Directly, without having to send in your material and having to wait then, until ….

And even if you are not a member of our community (yet) you can publish on this site – but you´ll have to send in your material (texts, images, links) to rofilm@seznam.cz for confirmation first.

Easy handling

labyrithMembers might miss their “Members´ Area”, where the downloads and all other exclusive services were placed. Well, as a member you simply log-in to this new site. You´ll have access to everything then. Directly from the main site. No changing to a members´ area, and then changing further to downloads etc. Only members, who are logged-in can see the members-excluve services here.

And there is a side-wide search function (only members can see it in the main menu) at last! This function makes the old quite complex menu structure redundant.


supportingThank you for your support! A lot of you – and not only members of our community – have understood, that producing quality (tutorials, sounds, books etc.) takes a lot of time. Time, which I´d need for my day job, which I´d need to make my living. I´m happy about all of your request asking for more. For more video tutorials, for more help, for more soundworx etc. I´d love to do more of these things – and I will. It´s your support, that determines the amount of time I´m able to spend working with and about sound. To make supporting me even easier, there is a page called “Shop” on this site now.

Development and Evolution

This site is not static. It will never stop changing – to the better hopefully. I´ll listen carefully to what you are telling me. And so it´s again you, who have a great part in how this site will look like in a month, in a year, in a decade. Thank you for that!

Enjoy your day!


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