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The Birth of "rofilmmedia"

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Harmonaut additive VST

Everything that was, and everything that is has a beginning. Well then, let me start off this page with a story of mine. But this space here, it´s YOUR space actually. It´s the place, where YOU can publish YOUR stories, stories about you or stories about others. Goings on you are or were engaged with, which move you, which you like – or which you definitely don´t like. Everything as long as there is a link to music, sound, music production, soundworks etc.

Some more “technical” remarks first. If you are a member of our community, you can directly publish to this page (you´ve got my newsletter telling you how to do it). But even if you are not a member yet, you can get your articles published here: just send me an email with your article as a textfile (Word, OpenOffice... you name it) and some images (if you like).

My story is a quite short one. It´s the story of my very first video tutorial published on YouTube on 23 August 2013 – yes, only about 7 years ago. I just had discovered a freeware VST called “Harmonaut”, a nice little tool to do some additive synthesis. What I was really looking for I´ve forgotten, but “Harmonaut” caught my attention, and I started messing around with it.

When I start working with something new, or when I start a project, or when I start reading a book etc., I always take notes. And so I did even this time. After only some minutes of investigating “Harmonaut” something began to develop, something, that may be called a “conversation” between the tool and me. I tried something, and “Harmonaut” answered with a result – an unexpected result quite often. And while we were “chatting away” I continued taking notes.

Well, I´ve always been a kind of teacher. I started teaching when I wasn´t older than 12, helping my classmates out – and later even a lot of lazybones from all over the town, children of well paying parents – helping all of them with maths, and Latin, and biology, later physics and chemistry, and of course with languages.

And so, when I was looking at my notes concerning “Harmonaut”, I said to myself: “Why not telling somebody how to work with this little tool here?” Well, an appealing idea, but who, how, where and when?

Well, and this was the hour of birth of my first YouTube channel “Musik VSTs and More”, a channel, which was meant to be multilingual (English, German and Czech) at the start – well, it got only English in the end. There are 3 channels of mine housing 264 videos by now – not that bad for only 7 years I think.

Enjoy your day!


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